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Human Being, but apart from that, I am graduated in Law at the University of Barcelona but also in Music at the Liceu (Barcelona) and New Milford (CN, USA) Music Conservatory. Currently space lawyer, researcher, speaker, attorney, international recording artist and musician. I have written many essays, books and articles, also toured and swum around the world. My interests range between space interstellar travel, remote sensing, astrobiology, genomics, transhumanism, cryonics, monofin diving and open water swimming. Just check it out for yourself! Have fun!!!

22 Strings: The Invisible E.P

Hi there!

This is the title of the EP of the track named Invisible. It is an alternate version of the song from the Sons of Orion Album.

22 strings Jordi Sandalinas Acoustic Project-1.jpg

Jordi Sandalinas Acoustic Project Invisible Back Cover.png